lördag 25 februari 2012

TR-909 VST

Emulator of the classic 909 Roland drum synth.
You can control each sound by manipulating:

  • tune
  • pitch
  • decay
  • snap of snare
  • compression

  • Download:
    TR-909 VST (5.9Mb zip)

    Create a new folder where you normally keep all your other VST plugins, name it TR-909.
    Extract the folder "TN-909parts" to your newly created TR-909 folder.
    Place the folder with sounds titled "programme" straight to C:\ , otherwise the plugin wont be able to locate the sounds correctly.

    You're done! Open up your DAW of choice and search for your new Plugin.

    söndag 19 februari 2012

    Drumatic3 VST

    Drumatic3 is a virtual-analogue drum synthesizer.
    All sounds are 100% synthetic and allow an enormous flexibility and variation.
    You’ll find that snappy snare and that oh-so-deep pounding 808 kick as well.

    # Graphical envelopes for amplitude and modulation
    # Load / save presets for single sounds
    # Simple but effective effect section for each sound with distortion and bitcrusher and a filter.
    # 6 Stereo outputs, assignable for each sound.
    # All parameters can be automated (midi-CC not yet supported)

    Installing Drumatic3

    once downloaded, locate your VST plugins folder.
    Create a folder called Drumatic3 and unzip everything into that folder.
    This Plugin contains presets (all the sounds) that needs to be located with the .dll file in order to work. Once unzipped and everything is in order, just open your DAW and search for your new Drum VST Plugin.

    download drumatic 3 here (zip)